AdBTC | PTC to EARN BITCOIN and RUBLE without investing

AdBTC | PTC para GANAR BITCOINS y RUBLOS sin invertir

AdBTC is a practical bitcoin PTC that combines traffic exchange and surf ads. From the user point of view, the highlight is that AdBTC brings together three BTC earning systems in one place. As we will see throughout the tutorial, it has a PTC ads section, traffic rotator style surfing, and auto surfing. In addition, it allows us to withdraw earnings from 3,000 satoshis, a fairly small amount compared to other PTCs. Doesn't it look good? We are going to see how AdBTC works and what are the main features of what, in my opinion, is one of the best PTCs to earn free bitcoin currently out there.

 What is AdBTC

As I mentioned in the introduction, AdBTC is a completely free bitcoin PTC. The highlight of this website is that it allows us to get free satoshis automatically without having to invest. As a letter of introduction, it should be said that AdBTC has been online since the end of 2016 and during this period it has paid around 46 BTC among its more than 100,000 active users. It offers different options to withdraw the earnings, either through a BTC wallet, FaucetPay or even Payeer. So to receive the satoshis, we will need to have a bitcoin wallet, a FaucetPay account or a Payeer account.

Registration in AdBTC

In order to work with AdBTC and start generating our first fractions of bitcoin, we will have to register by creating an account. If you want, you can click on the button below, which will take you directly to the PTC registration form. The only data that we will be asked for will be an email address, the address of our bitcoin wallet and a password (of at least six characters). 

Once we have completed the three required fields, we will click on "Register" and the registration request will already be processed. After a few minutes we will receive an email from AdBTC in which they will welcome us to the site. From then on we will have access to our account. To proceed, we will go to the AdBTC main page, click on “Authorize” and solve the captcha that appears. If everything has gone well, we will already be on the web and we will be able to start adding our first satoshis.


 Take me to the registration form


How AdBTC works

As soon as we enter our account in AdBTC, we will see that on the left we have a menu with all the sections that make up the web.

AdBTC side menuThere is a first part, the upper part, in which we can request withdrawals, analyze the history with the statistics of our referrals and a section in which we can enter the address of our bitcoin wallet.

In the second part, we see all the available options that we have in AdBTC to get bitcoins. Below we will see a much more detailed explanation of each section, but as an introduction we could say that the “Surf Ads” and “Autosurfing” sections are the ones that work as a surf, and the “Surfing in active window” section is PTC style.

To finish with the menu, we only need to talk about the third section. In this case, we will only access this section if we intend to buy advertising to promote our links on other sites. In principle, since our intention is to earn BTC in AdBTC, we will ignore this point and focus on the second. Which in the end is what interests us.

Once we access the "Earn" section, we find 3 ways to generate bitcoins with AdBTC advertising:

–Surf Ads.

– Autosurfing.

– Surfing in active window.


" The value of the ads that appear on AdBTC varies depending on the price at which BTC is trading. Now is a good time to collect satoshis, so when its price rises and we sell, we will get more revenue from these clicks. " 



 ▶ Surf Ads

In the AdBTC Surf Ads section we will be viewing ads continuously. What I like the most about this section is that the ads do not have Adfocus. Thanks to this I can work other pages simultaneously. To activate the Surf Ads we will only have to click on “Start Earning BTC”.

The next screen that will appear will be the cover of the ad. To view it, we will click on “Open”, the green square. This square does not always appear in the same position, but to avoid the bots, they change its place. Then a separate tab will jump with the ad in question. And in the AdBTC we will see a counter with the time that we must keep that tab open. As I mentioned before, these ads do not have Adfocus, so we are not required to see them.

As soon as the counter reaches zero, the earnings will be added to the balance and we can continue with the next announcement.

▶ Autosurfing

The second possibility that AdBTC offers us to earn bitcoins is that of Autosurfing. In this case, it will be enough to click on “Start” and let it run. The values ​​of these announcements are usually 17-20 satoshis and the profits are automatically added to our balance.

▶ Surfing in active window

Finally, in AdBTC we can also continue adding profits in the "Surfing in Active Window" section. The ads will appear listed from highest to lowest reward.

To see these announcements we will click on the blue title and a new window will open. In this case, there is Adfocus, so we are forced to keep the screen in the foreground.

A counter will appear at the top of the new window. When time runs out we will solve the captcha by selecting the image that is repeated. As soon as they add the reward, we can close and continue with the next announcement.

Registration in ADBTC 

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