How money affects the brain and our behavior


How money affects the brain and our behavior?

Wealth can make us more immoral and poverty can make us stupider.

🔹 Money affects the brain like drugs

If you can get or lose a certain amount of money by the will of circumstances, brain activity increases. The brain scans of the experiment participants were almost identical to the MRI results of cocaine addicts.

🔹 Lack of money prevents you from thinking soberly

There is an opinion that people earn little because they are not smart enough. However, scientists have proven that the opposite is true: lack of money makes them make bad decisions. Due to stress caused by financial problems, a person partially loses the ability to process information, analyze and prioritize.

🔹 Unfavorable offer can be felt in the gut

It is important that the islet lobe has spindle cells, like in the stomach. And this digestive organ often responds when it comes to strong emotions. So, the injustice of the deal can be felt simultaneously by both the brain and the stomach.

🔹 Wealth does not allow to see privileges

Rich people tend to believe that their earnings are only their merit. At the same time, they willingly write off the factors of chance, luck and other circumstances that do not depend on the person. It is worth remembering that wealth can affect the way you treat people. This will not always be true: sometimes it's about you, not them. Keep track of this point so that you don't turn into a self-righteous asshole.


🔹 The more money, the less empathy

We logically continue the previous point. People with lower economic status better understand what the expressions of others mean. This is confirmed by studies of neural empathic responses.

🔹 Thoughts about money relieve pain and suffering

Two conclusions can be drawn here at once:

Do not pay too much attention to money, otherwise you can forget that there are other aspects of life in which there may be problems.

Money is a good way to distract yourself if you are faced with something that bothers you, but does not depend on your actions.


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